Wait… What? Who?

Aloha! It’s our first hoorah!

Wait… What? Who?

In case you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing some of our videos on social media, it’s because we want you (yes YOU) to notice us. Fame whore? Nah… We just want you to see candid moments from our perspective. By the way, I’m Kianne. I am a queen. And what you are about to read may haunt you for the next few days… Haha! Just kidding. Halloween is right around the corner but I’m not here to tell you some creepy ghost stories. I’m writing this first blog (and hopefully not the last) to share with you guys a story. Our story. You see, I am a videographer of team Tsiboy Mallari Event Filmmaker (obvious ba?).

Allow me to take you back to memory lane…(tingin sa malayo plus ripple effect)

We began our journey in the world of videography in 2013. After gaining experience as a nurse in a private hospital, Tsiboy Mallari, the “boss” (lé hubby ), thought of following his heart back to his first love, filmmaking.

He gathered his friends including me and we all took the road to the wedding and events industry under the name “South Side Production”. Tsiboy first used the production name back in high school when he filmed skaters and their badass tricks.

Our team have worked with/under other teams since then. We were hired by Sir Erick Tabalno of Cyberville Digital Photography and Framed Up Production. Sir Ricky Tiu of RAJ Photo gave us our big break in the biz. He made an offer we couldn’t refuse. He introduced us to clients in Metro Manila, gave us bookings, and trusted our team. After our collaboration with Sir Ricky, we started to book clients one after the other. We were able to promote South Side Production with the help from our families and friends in the industry. But after receiving quite a few inquiries if our team produces hiphop beats, Tsiboy and I decided to rename our team. No brainer. From South Side Production, we gave our team a new label, Tsiboy Mallari Event Filmmaker (obvious ba ulit?lol)

Now that I have shared a few details about our team, I ought to share with you the 8 pages of our mission and vision as well, charrrr!!! But, we do have a mission. And we take that mission very seriously (insert tiger look here.lol). That is to give our clients a priceless treasure. It’s a simple, soft-to- touch, engraved, sturdy box which contains tons of happiness, laughter, tears of joy, and candid moments you’ve shared with loved ones and special someone.

We, your videographers need to make sure that you’ll be able to relive the tearjerkers in your wedding. We want you to reminisce the laughter, excitement, and the glow in your child’s eyes as the magician reveals his amazing trick during your kid’s birthday bash.

We want to be the veins that supply warmth to your heart. We want to bring you back the memories you had during a special event in your life. And as you remember, your heart can pump a smile that could light the darkest and saddest alleys. Our team believes that without videos, without memories, life would be somewhat dull and meaningless.

See you Isabela
Ang layoooooo!

And because history and memory were mentioned on this post, it’s time for a #throwback . Yey! I’m gonna leave you guys a link to a wedding video we made on December 2013 and it has earned its way to the team’s screen of fame. Why? We just travelled by land for about 18 hours with Sir Ricky and his team to get to Isabela for this wedding. Whew! But when we arrived, the couple were super kind to give us rooms so we can rest for a few hours before the preparation for their wedding. The bride was sweet, the groom was jolly, it was Christmas and they were tying the knot! How in the world could we forget that? You tell me.

So click away and check out the latest videos on our website, www.tsiboymallari.com or visit and chat with us on facebook, Tsiboy Mallari Event Filmmaker :)

Oh! And don’t forget to share our videos with your loved ones and friends. Share your smile and spread the love!!! Mahalo and cheers!

XOXO, Kianne

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