Erwin + Jed | Save the Date

Milan, Italy. With its classic art galleries and beautiful landmarks, Milan is a great place to fall in love. Erwin and Jed met in a church community, where they got to know each other and eventually fell in love. 5 years of togetherness led them back home to tie the knot, in a traditional way.
Definitely a first time for ‪#‎teamsouthside‬. Filipinos have an interesting way of preparing for traditional weddings. We're really happy to have experienced a "Pahapunan". And as for early birds, this wedding is our top choice. Talk about a 7 AM wedding. Woot woot! Kudos to the make up artist and team who was as fast as lightning during preparation. And to Sir Erwin and Ma'am Jed, all the best for you two! Congrats and God bless. :)

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