Adonis + Janet | Same Day Edit

For a structure to become sturdy yet attractive, a smooth partnership between an engineer and an architect is necessary. And for a relationship to become strong, steady, and wonderful, a combination of love and commitment is needed. Adonis and Jeannette are experts when it comes to engineering and architecture, and both know that in building a relationship, there must be a strong and beautiful foundation. This foundation will help them withstand the storm and let their love flourish as they build more memories together.
We love the old, but we also love the new. After a traditonal wedding at Sariaya, Quezon, our feet leads us back on the modern track as we headed to Silang, Cavite for a wedding at San Antonio de Padua church. The church is such a feast for the eyes. We'd put this one in the list of our most unforgettable churches we've visited. And to top this day, we had our own version of Popoy and Basha love story (but minus the relationship dilemma) because we have an engineer for a groom and an architect for a bride. Congrats Sir Adonis and Ma'am Jeannette. May you guys build more houses and buildings that are as sturdy and beautiful as your union.

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